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The Collaborative International Dictionary

High-low \High"-low`\, n. A laced boot, ankle high.


a. (cx poker English) Describing a game in which the high hand and the low hand win n. 1 A laced ankle-high boot. 2 A card game where a player has to guess if the next card will be higher or lower than the one shown


n. poker in which the high and low hands split the pot

High-Low (game show)

High Low was an American game show that aired on NBC from July 4 to September 19, 1957. The series was a summer replacement for the variety show The Ford Show. Jack Barry was the emcee and Don Pardo was the announcer.

High Low was filmed in Studio 6A at NBC Studios in the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan.

Usage examples of "high-low".

Seven-Stud, no High-Low or twists or wild cards, and the betting seemed to be limited and three raises only.

The horn eyeglass was exchanged for one of purest gold, the dingy high-lows for well-waxed Wellingtons, the Paisley fogle for the fabric of the China loom.

I would come home with my trousers tucked up, and my high-lows unlaced and full of water, sucking every time that I lifted up my leg, and marking the white sanded floor of the front room, as I proceeded through it to the back kitchen.

Why, I remember the time when old Maunders as had three-and-twenty wans--I remember the time when old Maunders had in his cottage in Spa Fields in the winter time, when the season was over, eight male and female dwarfs setting down to dinner every day, who was waited on by eight old giants in green coats, red smalls, blue cotton stockings, and high-lows: and there was one dwarf as had grown elderly and wicious who whenever his giant wasn’t quick enough to please him, used to stick pins in his legs, not being able to reach up any higher.

We played games like High-Low Seven-Card Stud, Anaconda, and Iron Cross.