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  1. disdainful; haughty n. (context slang English) A person claiming to be superior. v

  2. (context transitive English) To snub or treat condescendingly.

Usage examples of "high-hat".

Carla spiked it with her high-hat cymbal on the two and four counts, and it sounded so fine that Eddi almost forgot to sing.

After one evening's performance, when the crowd was clearing out, Florian brought an elegantly attired, high-hatted gentleman around to the backyard.

Pretend to be ordinary folks who had been to the fair, and hadn't been high-hatted, no sirree, had a wonderful time, the wife too, and b'gosh had Seen the Future and could tell you the sight was worth the five dollars they were asking, which wasn't so much since it included tickets to all the shows and lunch.

And he was sure that Brenda was deliberately high-hatting the young man.

I hated to do it, but George had been high-hatting me of late and—Well, a guy has to live.