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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It is coming from a third-party source that Data General declines to identify, and is already used in high-end sites.
▪ Pyramid will offer its high-end Unix-based servers, which will be leased via Comdisco.
▪ Spode and Lenox are the best-known of the high-end tableware.
▪ The departmental application server fits between Sun's 500-user Sparcserver 10 and the high-end 3,000-user SparcCenter 2000.
▪ The T9000 replaces the T805 as Inmos's high-end offering.
▪ This high-end UltraSparc-III will be preceded by the UltraSparc-I and UltraSparc-II.
▪ Those are considered to be high-end personal computers and single-user systems.
▪ With the SE-40, Lau has met high-end designers on their own turf.

a. 1 Most sophisticated or expensive 2 Appealing to sophisticated or discerning tastes alt. 1 Most sophisticated or expensive 2 Appealing to sophisticated or discerning tastes

Usage examples of "high-end".

So when I saw the McCloud rough, I did what a lot of high-end cutters do.

Patricia stepped out of the limo with Brett and his old high school buddies and a few of their dates into a regular high-end harvest fair with some hauntedness on the side.

But even the high-end miners who routinely maneuvered their rocks into more convenient orbits never got their boost up over one or two percent of a gee.

The products that are most popular in this forum of marketing include automobiles, real estate, motorcycles, boats and other high-end offers such as vacation time-shares.

His cafe was every bit as contemporary and urban as any of the other high-end coffee bars in the city, the only real difference being that, instead of young college kids with rings through their noses, you got Joe serving the lattes and espressos.

This will considerably extend the combination of custom-designed high-end processors with the high-speed memory access that current Cray supercomputers offer.

A high-end massage recliner sat front and center in the living room, pointed at a thirty-one-inch color television.

Another is to find some way of distinguishing the high-end product.

He'd garaged two high-end vehicles, and had kept a third, and a watercraft, stored at his weekend place in the Hamptons.

Oh, there were still plenty of tourists and walkins, but a great many of the ladies who lunch, the very clientele Pretenses required in order to move the high-end merchandise, were giving the shop a wide berth.

Dozens of laptop computers, piles of high-end audio equipment, perhaps fifty televisions, and what appeared to be hundreds of PDAs were lined up on raw pine-board shelves along the walls.

The sound of it hinted at some soft, padded room in a high-end mental asylum for the criminally insane that was positively lurking in the kids near-future.

Can't get it in regular stores, even high-end ones, or off screen.

The office promised more privacy than the front salesroom, where high-end bargain hunters and hungry decorators prowled among the dark furniture.

With the most common spelling of the name, Brittany, at number eighteen among high-end families and number five among low-end families, it is surely approaching its pull date.