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high concept

n. (context of a film, book, etc. English) An appealing idea for a work that can be understandably summarized in a few sentences or less.

Usage examples of "high concept".

But I got by nodding at whatever high concept the Shadow had a hot nut for that week, my real value to the organization becoming apparent after I had finally had enough and cut loose the coke-dealing head of prep.

Comic book heroes are, after all, the ultimate in high concept packages.

Indeed, with multiple screenwriters scrubbing the individuality from almost every project (thirty-six, I'm told, worked on the execrable Mission to Mars), an industry-wide aesthetic funded by a marketing sensibility, and the sublimation of character and story to special effects and high concept (a notion best expressed by the punchline to an old joke: She's the Pope, he's a chimp -- they're cops!

Was a man with Boy Staunton's high concept of service likely to have killed himself under such circumstances?