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Hien may refer to:

  • Hien (Netherlands), a village near Dodewaard
  • Kawasaki Ki-61 , a Japanese World War II aircraft
  • Getter Robot Hien , an ongoing manga and fictional character
  • Hien (character) , a Japanese fictional character
  • Strider Hien, a character from Strider 2
  • Hien, a character from the Aerofighters series

Usage examples of "hien".

So Chin Hien was trying to talk and we all moved down very close to see what it was he was saying.

Even though Chin Hien and my counterpart were diametrically opposed on the political spectrum, there was still a certain element of strange respect that they had for each other.

There he met a man who called himself Ha Minh Hien, who from his description is almost certainly your friend Van Luk Wan.

Before he was driven back blindfolded to Sisophon, he was told by the man calling himself Ha Minh Hien that if he failed on his job, he and his wife and two daughters would be killed.