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Yet Paul knew Hidey also wanted to be first, to become a scientific immortal.

Paul and Hidey had talked with him about cloning, partly because Hidey wanted to hear another point of view on the project and partly because of friendship.

He and Hidey had started college in high spirits, being inquisitive and often reckless.

Jon had been startled when Paul and Hidey revealed the clone project to him.

I still think, Hidey, that you also want to make a name for yourself in your field.

Paul looked at Hidey, who had been momentarily distracted by one of the lab assistants, a tall heavy woman named Nancy Portland.

Paul had worried about leaving while his offspring were still gestating but Hidey had pointed out, quite reasonably, that there was really nothing for him to do until they were born.

Jabbar and Hidey both looked ready to speak at this point, but Paul motioned to them with his hand.

A group of outraged citizens had called for the resignation of Hidey and all those involved in the project with him from the university.

Yet he had been one of the first to call on Hidey and Paul when the story broke, as well as doing nothing to interfere with the project when they had decided to go ahead.

Apparently this man thinks that if Hidey had waited and just let the moratorium expire, people in biological research could have taken the time to educate the public, get them used to the idea of possible experiments.

Paul would put his share in a fund for his children but Hidey and Eli would need theirs to sustain themselves during their two-year suspension.

Paul stood awkwardly next to Hidey, feeling useless but wanting to be as close as possible to the chambers.

Jabbar cut the umbilical, then Hidey held the child by the legs as he patted its buttocks.

The children were crying, not tearfully, but loudly nonetheless, Hidey came over to him and watched them.