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n. (plural of hide English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: hide)

Usage examples of "hides".

Eight wore the skins typical of the Akka people, furs and hides sewn into clothing.

Against the subdued light, they looked soft and rounded in their mounds of hides, a people as worn as the polished glacial cobbles they camped on.

Through the haze, she thought she glimpsed their old shelters, the black hides frosted with snow.

He shifted his position beneath the soft piles of hides, frowning into the sea-scented darkness.

In his memory the green meadows and glistening hides of the animals shone in that vast lushness.

Water, Laughing Sunshine, and the other women spent the growing days measuring hides carefully against the bodies of the People, sewing the closely tailored garments to fit.

His good eye took in the surroundings, the smoke-stained poles supporting the hide walls and roof, the carefully placed weapons, the bundled wolf hides and caribou robes.

Hunter slammed a fist into the hides he sat on, a crazed look welling in his eyes.

Red Flint groaned, the sound of his hides rustling against the rocks and gravel.

How can there be beauty among those who skin and work the hides of slaughtered beasts?

A warehouse by the river had burned, causing damage to the surplus hides held off the spring market.

By the smoke on the air, and the pungent smell of confined livestock, rotting garbage, and curing hides, Mara presumed their party approached a village or larger habitation.

Where every shade which the foul grave exhales Hides its dead eye from the detested day, Conducts, O Sleep, to thy delightful realms?

Out of the stony cavern, Phoebus spied The hides of those the little babe had slain, Stretched on the precipice above the plain.

He hides his pains, and hopes he can deal with them before anyone notices.