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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hider \Hid"er\, n. One who hides or conceals.


n. One who hides oneself or a thing.

Usage examples of "hider".

We saw him come outta here just before the Limey hider picked him off.

This here fella came out with his water can and the hider sniped him neat.

But that did not prove that some hider had not marked them down, and was that very moment creeping up on them with the craft taught by years of such employment.

He examined the dagger the other had taken from the dead hider, the one Blake was sure had come from the laboratory world.

So he was a seeker, not a hider, here to track somebody down who was wanted by one of the biggest of the Earth megacorporations.

Kaytin was of course a natural hider, just as she was a natural fighter.

I was listening to Judge Hider, I thought of a conversation I had had not long before with Dr.

Jim Brown, John Cullen, Michael Hider, Bev Morse, George Rodriguez, Van Vanderside, Houa Vang, and Charles Wimbley.

Those hiders who resisted the return of civilization would be so armed they could easily wipe out this nucleus of a new world to set up one of their own in which Pranj would be overlord.

Blake did not turn east in the direction the hiders and their prisoner had taken.

If we can keep Pranj from getting control of the hiders long enough for the engagement to begin, we may drive him from this level and leave the natives to work out their own destiny.

Armed with those, the hiders could make a clean sweep of the settlement in the park.

How Rachel prayed she would not need this support and that the hiders would not come looking for Little Deer.

Well, when he came through Kansas he heard about a bunch of hiders who banded together and had been raiding homesteads and performing all sorts of cutthroat acts.

Under the light of the streetlamps were regiments of Hiders and rows of swastikas, shiny now in the persistent downpour.