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  • Mercury (element), the element
  • hg, the driver program of Mercurial, a version control system

In other uses:

  • Masaki Sumitani or HG, Japanese professional wrestler
  • Hengwrt Chaucer or Hg, a manuscript of the Canterbury Tales
  • His/Her Grace, a style used for various high-ranking personages
  • Hlinka Guard, a militia movement of the Slovak People's Party from 1938 to 1945
  • House & Garden or HG, a former US magazine
  • HG postcode area, in Yorkshire,England
  • Niki (airline), IATA code
  • Bad Homburg vor der Höhe's German vehicle plate code
  • High Grade, a line of Gundam models
  • H. G. Wells, English writer
  • Harry G. Nelson, half of the Roy and HG comedy duo
  • The Hunger Games

Usage examples of "hg".

HGS and at least one other company have filed similar applications on other genomes, but it is highly uncertain that the U.