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n. (plural of hex English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: hex)


Hexes is the plural of Hex.

Hexes may also mean:

  • Hexes (book), by Tom Piccirilli - 1999 nominee for the Bram Stoker Award for Novel
  • Hexes (band), a British Hardcore punk band featuring the former A bassist and current presenter of BBC Radio 1's Rock Show, Daniel P. Carter.
  • Hexes (climbing), are items of rock climbing equipment used to protect climbers from injury during a fall
  • Hexes and Ohs, a Canadian electronic indie pop group from Montreal
  • Hexes for Exes, a 2007 album by Moving Units, their third release
  • Strange Hexes, the second album released by Imaad Wasif, and the first with backing band Two Part Beast. It was self-released in 2008. Several of the songs, such as "Oceanic," were written while on tour with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Hexes (band)

Hexes were a British hardcore punk band featuring the former A bassist, current guitar player for Bloodhound Gang and presenter of BBC Radio 1's Rock Show, Daniel P. Carter. On 2008's "Eyes Like Knives" EP they covered Death from Above 1979 song " Blood On Our Hands." The band were signed to Undergroove Records. The band are no longer active due to Tom having to stop drumming after sustaining an injury.

They have toured with the likes of Gallows, Finch, CKY, Lostprophets, Kids In Glass Houses, The Used and The Ghost of a Thousand. In 2008 the band played the Radio 1 lock-up stage at the Reading and Leeds Festivals and in 2009 they played the Tuborg stage at Download Festival and later played the Rocksound tent at Guilfest. In August 2010 they will play at the Hevy Music Festival near Folkestone.

Usage examples of "hexes".

But high-tech hexes had long ago rigged intercoms among them all, and it was here that senior ambassadors with translators could conduct interhex business, try and keep the peace, deal with common problems, work out trade negotiations and the like.

Some hexes remained complete mysteries, trafficking in nothing to no one.

Time went on, people grew old, or they got tired of the monastic life the embassies imposed, or they got promoted within their own hexes, which were their countries.

In all, 702 hexes maintained permanent or semipermanent representatives in Zone, and had their own interzone council with rotating chairmanship.

There were no rules or restrictions on the 780 Northern hexes, and some of the life forms were so wildly alien that they could not even find common ground with one another.

A bit unnerving, but, thankfully, they cannot enter hexes in the South.

We firmly believe that we can now move a party of our choosing to Yugash, only three hexes, straight line, from where you crashed in Uchjin.

Entry races for common factors, and, more important, we wanted to know why none of the six hexes surrounding Yugash were open to their takeover.

We checked into this, and, indeed, in all the hexes surrounding Yugash we found enormous quantities of copper, copper oxide, or copper sulfide, either in the physical composition of the creatures or in the atmosphere itself.

It will be longer and more dangerous than the direct route, but it will keep us basically in high-tech and semitech hexes so the breathing apparatus and life-support systems tailored for this mission will operate.

Sea of Turagin, but it was one of only six packet-boats to make a complete circuit, servicing all the hexes who cared to, or needed to, get trade and transportation.

But its central housing also bore twin black smokestacks over an engine, which, in all but nontech hexes, could power huge twin screws in the rear.

The problem was that the life forms of Wuckl were, on the whole, quite different from those in other hexes, except for bird and insect life.

Yugash was fairly close to Uchjin, where the downed ship had sat these many years, it was not next to it but several hexes away.

Only twenty-four such hexes were so split on either side of the Barrier.