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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hewer \Hew"er\, n. One who hews.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"cutter" (of stone or wood), mid-12c. as a surname, agent noun from hew (v.). Hwers of wood and drawers of water as the lowliest sort of physical laborers is from Joshua ix:12.


n. One who hews.


n. a person who hews

Hewer (surname)

Hewer is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • John Hewer (1922–2008), English actor
  • Mitch Hewer (born 1989), English actor
  • Nick Hewer (born 1944), former public relations officer, Alan Sugar's advisor on The Apprentice
  • William Hewer (1642–1715), British politician

A hewer ( or Häuer) is a miner who loosens rock and minerals in a mine. In medieval mining in Europe a Hauer was the name given to a miner who had passed his test (Hauerprüfung) as a hewer.

Usage examples of "hewer".

Each had a corf sitting behind him to hold his coal, since a hewer was paid for the amount he cut.

The last hewer to leave the area was a squat fellow with massive muscles and a pugnacious jaw.

Ehomba, who was an honorable man, made his way with his son back out of the celebrated lost city, whose riches lay not in its fabulous trappings but in the learning it held, and back to the modest house by the sea, where as he had sworn to his friend Simna ibn Sind he was no more a renowned sorcerer than any man or woman of his village, be they herder of cattle, hewer of wood, thresher of grain or scraper of hides.

As for Lisfranc, I can say little more of him than that he was a great drawer of blood and hewer of members.

His remaining gun was a stunner, effective enough on a human enemy at close range, but no hewer of stone.

Women sometimes became hewers, but it was rare: when wielding the pick or hammer most women could not hit hard enough, and it took them too long to win the coal from the face, The men always took a nap when they came home.

Now it could be only an hour or two until the hewers stopped work, but an hour was forever.

Some of the young hewers were trying to get up a petition to the English Parliament protesting against slavery in the mines.

The other hewers put their tools into their corves and began rolling them back along the tunnel.

Others are possessed of natural skills to furnish the whole with artisans, teachers, clerks and shopkeepers, but most He made to be hewers of wood and drawers of water.

Some of those who were diggers of trenches and hewers of cisterns said that it was their work which had wrought the change.

And the old world of our captivities May then become a smitten glimpse of ruin, Like one where vanished hewers have had their day Of wrath on Lebanon.

In the New Order which he began to impose on the Slavs in the East during the war, the Czechs, the Poles, the Russians were - and were to remain, if the grotesque New Order had endured - the hewers of wood and the drawers of water for their German masters.

It had its monarch the captain, its useless nobility the passengers, its technical and governing class, and its hewers of wood and drawers of water.

Frater Franz, the work-frater, shows us our responsibilities as hewers of wood and drawers of water.