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Usage examples of "hetch".

Jack pulled his hand back and stood, Hetch scooped up the stack of bills.

Jack sat at the table listening to the tape of his meeting with Milo Hetch, as he copied it to the larger reel-to-reel machine on the counter.

Ask right out if he was a friend or the sugar daddy Hetch had claimed he was.

The number Hetch had given him belonged to Valley Services, an operation that provided the gamut of secretarial support twenty-four hours a day.

Small, Doctor Inchball, Hetch Heckler, Biddy Stuckmeyer and Deborah Jib.

But others have succeeded, most notably in 1923 when, after a long fight between conservationists and businessmen, the Hetch Hetchy Valley in the northern part of Yosemite-which was said to be even more spectacularly beautiful than Yosemite Valley itself-was flooded to create a reservoir to provide drinking water for San Francisco, 150 miles to the west.