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When I reached the one in front of me he was blocking my path, and I recognized him as Bajinok, which meant Herth the guy who ran South Adrilankha.

I had to find out if Herth was going to keep after them now, or if he had accomplished whatever it was he hoped to accomplish.

If Herth wasn't going to do anything to these people, I could relax and only worry about how I was going to keep him from killing me.

You've just made a hash of things, going in and killing that bastard, getting Herth on your tail when you didn't need to.

I was going to have to get to Herth before he got to me, and it might not change how Cawti felt toward me anyway, and I wouldn't even get paid for it.

I thought about following him, but the most I could do was confirm that Herth had sent him.

And you know, I can't even get a good enough feel for Herth to send him for a walk.

Even if I managed to get Herth first, whoever it was had still taken the money, was still committed to getting me.

Well, I could gain some time by killing whoever was after me, which would force Herth to go to the bother of finding another assassin.

He'd take it, and maybe I could kill him, which would give me a rest while Herth found someone else.

Unless I was completely wrong about Herth wanting to kill me (which I couldn't believe), the assassin would have to realize that this was his best shot.

Paresh's attention was fixed on Herth, and his eyes were like daggers.

To Kelly too, I guess, because he didn't answer, Herth said, "If you're done with your public speaking, and hope to avoid arrest or slaughter, I suggest that you and I try to make arrangements for "

I didn't notice him at first because I was watching Kelly and Herth, but he must have been making his way along the street the entire time, past the Phoenix Guards and the Easterners, and right up to the door to Kelly's fiat.

His voice, in the continuing silence that followed the confrontation between Herth and Kelly, carried all the way over to my side of the street.