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Etymology 1 alt. (context transitive obsolete English) To honour, praise or celebrate. vb. (context transitive obsolete English) To honour, praise or celebrate. Etymology 2

alt. (context transitive obsolete Scotland English) (alternative form of harry English) vb. (context transitive obsolete Scotland English) (alternative form of harry English)


Herry is a commune in the Cher department in the Centre region of France.

Usage examples of "herry".

Borrowdale was the proudest of all the valleys and the stickiest to foreigners, but its natives already showed signs of adopting young Herries.

But as everyone submitted to Bothwell, either through fear or through ambition, two men only dared to protest beforehand against this union: the one was Lord Herries, and the other James Melville.

But the queen, instead of thanking Herries for this devotion, seemed very much surprised at his boldness, and scornfully signing to him to rise, she coldly replied that her heart was silent as regarded the Earl of Bothwell, and that, if she should ever remarry, which was not probable, she would neither forget what she owed to her people nor what she owed to herself.

Andrews, Argyll, Huntly, Arbroath, Galloway, Ross, Fleming, Herries, Stirling, Kilwinning, Hamilton, and Saint-Clair, Knight.

The queen gave Rosabelle to the care of one of the men-at-arms who had accompanied her, and leaning on Mary Seyton, who had not left her for a moment, and on Lord Herries, who had rejoined her on the road, she entered the convent.

Lord Herries had not concealed her position from Mary Stuart: the day had been completely lost, and with the day, at least for the present, all hope of reascending the throne of Scotland.

It seems Herries told him the location of his London quarters when they first met at Caerlaverock Castle.

On their side, Lord Herries and the Bishop of Ross, the queen's advocates, maintained that these letters had been forged, that the handwriting was counterfeited, and demanded, in verification, experts whom they could not obtain.

The Dowager breathed a faint prayer for the well-being of the future heir of the Culters and returned her gaze to Lady Herries.

If Agnes Herries ever stumbles on a glossa interlinearis there -will be civil war.

Herry, rigid in his blankets, experienced immensity, became a solitary ant in a vast hall.