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Herle (surname)

Herle is an English surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Charles Herle (1598–1659), English theologian
  • Edward Herle (c. 1617–1695), English politician
  • Thomas Herle (1622–1681), English politician
  • William Herle (1270–1347), British justice
  • William Herle (spy) (died 1588), pirate and spy
  • Sudheer Herle (Engineer)

Usage examples of "herle".

The sixth is the black-fly, in May also: the body made of black wool, and lapt about with the herle of a peacock's tail: the wings are made of the wings of a brown capon, with his blue feathers in his head.

The eleventh is the shell-fly, good in mid-July: the body made of greenish wool, lapt about with the herle of a peacock's tail: and the wings made of the wings of the buzzard.

Von Bork, you will go with us in a quiet, sensible fashion to Scotland Yard, whence you can send for your friend, Baron Von Herling, and see if even now you may not fill that place which he has reserved for you in the ambassadorial suite.