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Herboso can refer to:

  • Herboso, Spain is a town in Biscay, Basque Country, Spain.
  • Archbishop Francisco Ramón Herboso y Figueroa (app. 1776) is a former archbishop of Sucre, Bolivia.
  • José Gragera y Herboso (b.1485 - d.1527) was a Spanish sculptor in Madrid.
  • José Gragera y Herboso (b.1818 - d.1897) Spanish Sculptor.
  • Francisco Javier Herboso was Minister of Justice of Chile around 1900.
  • Freddy Herboso is a champion motocross athlete in Bolivia.
  • Herboso & Associates is a real estate firm owned by Fernando Herboso in Frederick, Maryland.
  • Klovis Herboso (born 1979) is a Bolivian singer.
  • Herboso is also an adjective in Spanish meaning "herbaceous or grassy".