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Heras is a genus of snout moths. It was described by Heinrich in 1956, and contains the species H. disjunctus. It is found in Colombia.

Usage examples of "heras".

I want to get my feet on some solid ground down there on Heras 6 and find myself a woman to share my life with.

It entered the outer atmosphere of Heras 6 and the Captain had to fight to regain control, as the ship sped too quickly towards the surface of the planet.

The Government fear that he is using the party to extend the activities of his pirate organisation on Heras 6.

He once said be would stop at nothing to redistribute the balance of power back to Earth, even if it meant the ruin of Heras 6.

Then he studied the co-ordinates a little more carefully, and with a sickening feeling he realised it would destroy Heras 6 before it stopped.

However, I gained much more support than I had ever thought possible, and although the percentage was small, it coincided with the split in the Administration Party, who are putting up candidates against themselves on the Heras 6 - Earth issue.

Slarvo 3 that Dan Hutyer from Heras 6 is here and is taking over from Mr.

It was an invention of the late Professor Lewis of Heras 6, his sister said it was defective and was burnt out when we used it.

The Administration of Slarvo 3 had an agreement with Heras 6 to ensure that noone discovered your true identity.