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Henze is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Henze (1894–1979), German Wehrmacht general
  • Frank Henze (born 1977), German slalom canoeist
  • Gertrud Henze (1901–2014), a German supercentenarian
  • Hans Werner Henze (1926–2012), German composer
  • Jürgen Henze (born 1950), East German slalom canoeist
  • Karl Henze (1916–1985), German Luftwaffe pilot
  • Leon Henze (born 1992), German footballer
  • Martin Henze (born 1981), a German astronomer and namesake of minor planet 6642 Henze
  • Martin Henze, a German chemist who first discovered vanadium-containing proteins known as vanabins in 1911
  • Matthias Henze, the Isla Carroll and Perry E. Turner Professor of Hebrew Bible and Early Judaism at Rice University in Houston
  • Richard Henze (1895–1985), a highly decorated Oberst of the Reserves in the Wehrmacht during World War II
  • Stefan Henze (1981–2016), German slalom canoeist