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Henty may refer to:

Australian geography

  • Henty, New South Wales
  • Henty, Victoria
  • Henty (wine) an Australian geographical indicator and wine region in southwestern Victoria
  • Division of Henty, a former federal electorate in Victoria
  • Henty Highway, western Victoria
  • Henty, Western Australia
  • Henty Gold Mine, Tasmania
  • Henty River, Tasmania


  • The Henty brothers prominent in early Victorian and Tasmanian white settlement:
    • James Henty (1800–1882), founded James Henty and Company, merchants
    • Charles Henty (1807–1864), banker and member of the Tasmanian House of Assembly
    • William Henty (1808–1881), solicitor, member of the Tasmanian Legislative Council for Tamar, and colonial secretary in the Weston cabinet
    • Edward Henty (1810–1878), pioneer, first permanent settler in Victoria in 1834
    • Stephen George Henty (1811–1872), member of the legislative council of Victoria, 1856–1870
    • John Henty (1813-1868?)
    • Francis Henty (1815–1889), farmer and grazier
  • Denham Henty
  • Edward Henty (cricketer) (1839–1900), English cricketer
  • Ernest Henty (1862–1905), Australian politician
  • G. A. Henty (1832–1902), British novelist
Henty (wine)

The Henty wine region is an Australian wine region. It has one of the cooler climates of any Australian wine region and is known for its white wine production of Chardonnay, Riesling, Semillon and Sauvignon blanc as well as a small red wine production of Pinot noir. Prior to the registration of the AGI as "Henty", the region was known as Drumborg or Far South-west Victoria.

The Henty wine region covers the southwestern corner of the state of Victoria. It is bounded by the South Australian border to the west and the coastline to the south. The eastern boundary at the coast is the mouth of the Hopkins River near Warrnambool. The town of Dunkeld is excluded, but Cavendish is in on the northeastern side. The northwestern boundary includes the Penola- Dergholm Road, then the Glenelg River as far upstream as the Natimuk- Hamilton Road. The town of Henty is close to the centre of the region.

The region includes the areas first settled in 1834 by the Henty brothers, who are believed to have also brought grape vine cuttings which did not survive. The first commercial plantings were planted at Drumborg in 1964 by Seppelts.