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Henny is a Scandinavian and Dutch male and female first name, nickname and surname. It may refer to:

Usage examples of "henny".

Wandering away from the drawing room where literature was being discussed, she found Henny with a cullender in front of her, shelling peas.

Of all the local ladies, Henny seemed to best understand how much Mag gie needed to feel feminine and beautiful.

Bill Cosby to endorse your hair-coloring products or Henny Youngman to speak credibly about your tennis racquet.

Norman carved it and Henny, dishing out the meat, the stuffing, and the vegetables, piled Klug's plate with an enormous, insulting mass of food.

Remembering the object he had in view, in placing me under the management of Covey, and further, his cruel treatment of my poor crippled cousin, Henny, and his meanness in the matter of feeding and clothing his slaves, there was little ground to hope for a favorable reception at the hands of Capt.

If you write Henny, tell her Hassim's bringing in the black-and-gold grass cloth from Hong Kong that she wanted for the lobby.

He didn't bother to think about forty-two campers being photographed, or about five escaped convicts hidden in the shanty, or about the widow Silton, Uncle Fred, Clancy, Henny, or even the date he had at two o'clock.