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Henne (English: Her) is a Norwegian women's magazine published in Oslo, Norway.

Henne (river)

Henne is a river of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Usage examples of "henne".

But my parents called me Johannes, Johann, Hengin, Henchen, Henne, Hans and Hen, according to their whim or my behaviour.

I must mention, too, my distant cousin, Henne Salman, who has kindly rented me this building.

Recht hat dieser alte Geizhals, auf diesen Schweinen zu hocken wie die Henne auf ihren Eiern?

During that interval David leaned carelessly back on the cot paying no attention to Hennes, who, for his part, played the same sort of game.

That would seem to indicate that the source of infection is within the city, and Hennes has been working on the assumption.

Makian, Benson, Hennes, and any others who were considered especially worthy in point of view of position or of length of service dined in a room by themselves.

He threaded his way quietly through the tables, beginning with the one at which Makian, Hennes, and two others sat.

He had not the grit, apparently, of Hennes, who had left a clean platter.

Makian turned to Hennes, who had been listening throughout with cold and unemotional eyes.

There was no doubt that by now Hennes and the Old Man himself had heard of the fight.

Hennes had become foreman and whose interests were tied thoroughly to those of Hennes, to insure the fact that the news had spread in that direction.

Inside, the cheers must have been heard, for Makian, Hennes, Benson, and a few others stepped out.

David walked up the foot of the ramp which led to the doorway and Hennes moved forward to the head of the ramp, where he stood, looking down.

Gris-wold, and Hennes had to promise to let the matter stew for a while.

He did not believe Hennes would shoot, but he was ready to use the shield-mask if he had to.