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Henle can refer to:

  • Friedrich Gustav Jakob Henle, a German physician, pathologist and anatomist (1809–1185)
    • Loop of Henle in the kidney, named after Henle
  • Fritz Henle, a photographer, known as "Mr. Rollei" for his use of the 2.25" square format film used in the Rolleiflex camera
  • G. Henle Verlag, German publishing house of sheetmusic
  • Moritz Henle, a German composer
  • Robert A. Henle, an American electrical engineer
  • Robert J. Henle, the 46th President of Georgetown University

Usage examples of "henle".

How could such an attempt succeed, Henle well asks, at a time when the most extensively diffused of all the tissues, the areolar, was not at all understood?