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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hendy \Hen"dy\, a. [Obs.] See Hende.


a. (obsolete form of hende English)


Hendy ( Welsh: Yr Hendy,originally a farm name meaning "the old house" cognate with 'hendre' the main home.) is a village in the community of Llanedi, Carmarthenshire, Wales, situated on the border between Carmarthenshire and Swansea. It lies on the Afon Gwili just across the River Loughor from the town of Pontarddulais and, together with Fforest to its north, forms part of a continuous built up area centred on Pontarddulais. Most of the village sits between the M4 Motorway junction 48 and the A48 road (Fforest Road) north of the motorway.

Hendy (surname)

Hendy is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andrew Hendy
  • Arthur Hendy
  • George William Albert Hendy
  • Jim Hendy
  • John Hendy (disambiguation)
  • Peter Hendy
  • Peter William Hendy
  • Philip Hendy
  • Trevor Hendy

Usage examples of "hendy".

But stand he must unto his owen harm, For when he spake, he was anon borne down With Hendy Nicholas and Alisoun.

Lady Pastern should not have mentioned Hendy as a possible check to Mr.

But there was something touching about it also, the two outcasts drawn together this way, Hendy and Naxa.

The thought that even now Hendy lay shriveling in the dread waters of the Well of Life sickened me to my core.