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Crossword clues for hench

  1. (context UK slang English) Big, strong, and muscular. n. 1 (context architecture English) The narrow side of chimney stack, a '''haunch'''. 2 (context architecture English) The side of an arch from the topmost part (crown) to the bottommost part (impost). v

  2. (context comics English) To be a henchman or henchwoman, usually for a supervillain.

Usage examples of "hench".

It was punishment for some misdemeanor or other, and Gullit had sent them both to Gamber Hench to do his hackwork for a month.

It was Samuel Hench who gave Nathaniel and Elizabeth the news that Judge Middleton and his son had left for Albany just that afternoon.

Bears would have let her come and sit with him, but he was gone with Joshua Hench to find her father on the Albany road and bring him home.

The American physician Philip Showalter Hench, working in Kendall's group, tried it on patients with rheumatoid arthritis.