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Hemiolis (Greek for "one and a half") can refer to:

  • Hemiola, a musical pattern
  • A type of galley developed in the 4th century BC

Usage examples of "hemiolia".

The myoparo is somewhat mysterious as to its size and type, but it seems to have been an improvement upon the hemiolia and preferred to the hemiolia.

Theophilus was shouting, watching how the oars of the hemiolia rose and fell with speed and precision driving the ship through the water.

The hemiolia was so close, Atretes could see armed men on the main deck.

The oars of the hemiolia made a loud bang as they came out, and as they swung down, one struck him on the head.

Roman galley rammed the hemiolia, snapping oars and splintering a wide hole into the side of the pirate ship.

The sea poured into the hull as Roman ravens dropped aboard the hemiolia and soldiers went to put the pirates to the sword.

Another Roman galley was closing in on the leeward side of the hemiolia, ready to give assistance to their comrades should it be needed.