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n. (obsolete spelling of help English) vb. (obsolete spelling of help English)

Usage examples of "helpe".

After that Psyches had passed by the lame Asse, paid her halfe pennie for passage, neglected the old man in the river, denyed to helpe the woman spinning, and filled the ravenous month of the dogge with a sop, shee came to the chamber of Proserpina.

Dogs, some following such as flyed, some invading such as stood still, some tearing those which lay prostrate, but generally there were none which escaped cleare: Behold upon this another danger ensued, the Inhabitants of the Towne stood in their garrets and windowes, throwing great stones upon our heads, that wee could not tell whether it were best for us to avoyd the gaping mouthes of the Dogges at hand or the perill of the stones afarre, amongst whome there was one that hurled a great flint upon a woman, which sate upon my backe, who cryed out pitiously, desiring her husband to helpe her.

Thus when I had well replenished my self with wine, and was now ready unto Venery not onely in minde but also in body, I removed my cloathes, and shewing to Fotis my great impatiencie I sayd, O my sweet heart take pitty upon me and helpe me, for as you see I am now prepared unto the battell, which you your selfe did appoint : for after that I felt the first Arrow of cruell Cupid within my breast, I bent my bow very strong, and now feare, (because it is bended so hard) lest my string should breake : but that thou mayst the better please me, undresse thy haire and come and embrace me lovingly : whereupon shee made no long delay, but set aside all the meat and wine, and then she unapparelled her selfe, and unattyred her haire, presenting her amiable body unto me in manner of faire Venus, when shee goeth under the waves of the sea.

Which when Malbecco saw, out of his bushVpon his hands and feete he crept full light,And like a Gote emongst the Gotes did rush,That through the helpe of his faire hornes on hight,And misty dampe of misconceiuing night,And eke through likenesse of his gotish beard,He did the better counterfeite aright:So home he marcht emongst the horned heard,That none of all the Satyres him espyde or heard.

And therwithal, on knees doun he fil, And seyde, "Venus, if it be thy wil, Yow in this gardyn thus to transfigure Bifore me, sorweful wrecche creature, Out of this prisoun helpe that we may scapen!

One day, as he was searching of their wounds,He found that they had festred priuily,And ranckling inward with vnruly stounds,The inner parts now gan to putrify,That quite they seem'd past helpe of surgery,And rather needed to be disciplindeWith holesome reede of sad sobriety,To rule the stubborne rage of passion blinde:Giue salues to euery sore, but counsell to the minde.

And on his collar laying puissant hand,Out of his wauering seat him pluckt perforse,Perforse him pluckt, vnable to withstand,Or helpe himselfe, and laying thwart her horse,In loathly wise like to a carion corse,She bore him fast away.

Him when the damzell saw fast by her side,So vgly creature, she was nigh dismayd,And now for helpe aloud in earnest cride.

Much was he moued with her piteous plight,And low dismounting from his loftie steede,Gan to recomfort her all that he might,Seeking to driue away deepe rooted dreede,With hope of helpe in that her greatest neede.

Perdie, then is it fit for me (said he)That am, I weene, most wretched man aliue,Burning in flames, yet no flames can I see,And dying daily, daily yet reuiue:O Atin, helpe to me last death to giue.