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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Helly \Hell"y\, a. [AS. hell[=i]c.] Hellish.
--Anderson (1573).


a. (tcx obsolete English) hellish, infernal.

Usage examples of "helly".

The first rider turned anxiously to them, and Moreta recognized the man as Helly, a capable herdsman and racer.

They'd been playing poker for the last few weeks with this man, Helly Ellis--his first name is Helman--Helly is his nickname.

I don't think you ever said a word to George about not wanting Helly to gamble.

He asked me all about my relationship with Helly, how long I'd known him, how many times he had been at the club, whether he noticed me and  .

The one called Helly won, so the other had to fetch the hot water and scrub Arya's back with a stiff bristly brush that almost took her skin off.