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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"the pit of Hell," late 14c., from hell + hole (n.). Meaning "unpleasant place" is from 1866.


n. A place of intense hatred, misery, or turmoil.


n. any place of pain and turmoil; "the hell of battle"; "the inferno of the engine room"; "when you're alone Christmas is the pits"; [syn: hell, hell on earth, snake pit, the pits, inferno]


Hellhole is a large and deep pit cave in Germany Valley, eastern West Virginia. It is the 7th longest cave in the United States and is home to almost half of the world's population of Virginia big-eared bats. At 518 feet (158 meters), Hellhole is the deepest of several caves in the Valley.

Hellhole has had a long and storied association with the National Speleological Society dating back to the creation of that organization in the early 1940s. Many basic caving techniques (e.g., the single rope technique) were developed in Hellhole's 154-foot (47 meter) entrance drop.

Hellhole (novel)

Hellhole is the first book in the Hellhole science fiction trilogy by New York Times best selling authors Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

Usage examples of "hellhole".

Tigab followed Macavity into the Hellhole while Glory and I grinned to each other, shaking our heads.

I remembered him from the shop, back when Adam was in the Hellhole with Mr.

Van Ryn through the paneled door into the Hellhole, closing it behind them.

Adam emerged from the Hellhole with Ursula Shipton, who had disposed of her rags and now wore a black jump-suit and red sandals.

Cagliostroin his big, red, Mephistophelean modeentered the Hellhole, grinning nastily, a body bag slung over his shoulder.

As I was facing the front of the Hellhole, I immediately pushed off and dropped down, arriving on my feet behind it, my turning movement raising its hands to shoulder height.

Of course, Doisy-Dyan was a real tropic hellhole with a huge underclass, where constant killing by Liberators and Regulators kept a high level of tension in the hot, humid air.

And all so we can make enough so that we can get out of this hellhole system and go home to Nocanicus.

Maybe I can convince him to go back to that desert hellhole and round up all the bandits as slaves.

Almost since the beginning of the spice trade on this desert hellhole, there had been numerous incidents of sabotage.

Somewhere in this huge hole made of gullies and gulches and draws, buttes and bottoms and clay-colored mesas and dry white tablelands, two thousand square miles of purgatory, part Indian reservation, part public land and all sheer hellhole somewhere in these bad lands, somebody had told me, the last of the true Spanish mustangs roamed.

He gave me the uneasy feeling, this Indian guide, that he knew the hellhole landscape of my soul, that he knew how my bad thoughts were sending me into the bad lands.

West African hellhole of Sierra Leone, years of civil war and barbarism had left the once-rich former British colony a vista of chaos, banditry, filth, disease, poverty and hacked-off limbs.

Your parents sent me into that hellhole years ago, and since then I vowed to repay them for their bad decision.

African hellholes like Equatorial Guinea, flyspecks on the world map like Sao Tome and Principe, the Comoros and the coral atoll Vanuatu.