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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also hell-cat, "volatile woman," c.1600, from hell + cat.


n. 1 witch. 2 A violent person (especially a woman).


n. a malicious fierce-tempered woman [syn: vixen, harpy]


Hellcat or The Hell Cat may refer to:

Hellcat (Dungeons & Dragons)

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the hellcat is a type of evil creature related to devils.

Hellcat (EP)

Hellcat is Meisa Kuroki's debut mini-album, released on April 8, 2009. It peaked at #9 on the weekly Oricon albums chart.

Usage examples of "hellcat".

They left one of the ships stopped and smoking, and cut eastward across the top of the flat Chiba Peninsula at treetop height to Naruto, which the day strikes seemed to have put entirely out of commission, Katori where there was no damage but no activity either, and finally Choshi, where they strafed some parked Jacks and Zekes and ran into light, but highly accurate, AA which holed the tail of one of the marauding Hellcats.

Hellcat swarm hit the islands of Palau, there were no enemy fighters on the ground.

Yap and the atolls of Ulithi and Ngulu to be certain that no support of any kind could come from them to the garrison at Palau, They hit Yap first, early on the afternoon of September 6, with thirty-five Hellcats carrying rockets, fragmentation clusters and plenty of .

It's going to cause a battle royal, this time mother against son, a fight to the death with no rules and we all know she's a hellcat when aroused--worse than my Cat--though young Malcolm's changed, tougher than I've ever seen him, more determined than he's ever been.

He and the other Hellcat pilots took turns shooting up Hickam Field, down by Pearl Harbor.

Back thrusters engaged, he shook two lockjawed Hellcats from his legs and hopped himself over-a skirmish line of Odeons, twisting around as he landed to bring the suit's chest-mounted impact cannon into play.

The alien's right hand was hooked around what Rem decided was the trigger mechanism, and from the looks of things the Hellcat was almost perfectly centered in the cannon's reticle.

On the wall to the left of his large mahogany desk was the side plate from the F6F Hellcat he'd flown at Philippine Sea and off the coast of Japan.

Joe answered, and stuck with the other Hellcat when it zoomed out ahead of the American dive bombers and torpedo planes, as if to tell the Japs they’.