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Etymology 1 adv. 1 (context slang chiefly Northern California English) Intensifier (modifies verbs); to a large extent; totally; very much. 2 (context slang chiefly Northern California English) Intensifier (modifies adjectives); to a large degree; extremely; exceedingly. det. (context slang chiefly Northern California English) Intensifier, signifies an abundance of a thing; much or many. interj. (context slang chiefly Northern California English) for sure; totally; hell yeah; used as a strong affirmation of something that was just said, accomplished, or revealed. pron. (context slang chiefly Northern California English) a lot; or, a hell of a lot. Etymology 2

contraction (context nonstandard English) Hell have.

Hella (band)

Hella is an American rock band from Sacramento, California. The primary members of the band are Spencer Seim on electric guitar and Zach Hill on drums. In 2005, the band expanded their live band by adding Dan Elkan on vocals, rhythm guitar, sampler and synthesizer and Jonathan Hischke on synth bass guitar for their Church Gone Wild/Chirpin' Hard tour. In 2006 they reformed as a five-piece line-up including Seim, Hill, Carson McWhirter (of The Advantage), Aaron Ross & Josh Hill. In 2009, the band was reduced back to core members Hill and Seim.


Hella is an American slang term that originated in the San Francisco Bay Area, but has since spread to become native slang to all of Northern California. It is used to describe such as 'hella bad' or 'hella good', and eventually added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2012. It is a contraction of the phrase "hell of a" or "hell of a lot [of]," in turn reduced to "hell of." It often appears in place of the words "really," "a lot," "totally," "very" and in some cases "yes". Whereas hell of a is generally used with a noun, according to linguist Pamela Munro, hella is primarily used to modify an adjective such as "good."

According to lexicographer Allan A. Metcalf, the word is a marker of Northern California dialect. According to Colleen Cotter, " Southern Californians know the term ... but rarely use it." Sometimes the term grippa is used to mock "NorCal" dialect, with the actual meaning being the opposite of hella.

Hella (company)

Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. (the company's preferred spelling: 'HELLA') is an internationally operating German automotive part supplier with headquarters in Lippstadt, North Rhine-Westphalia. The company develops and manufactures lighting and electronic components and systems for the automotive industry, and also has one of the largest trade organizations for automotive parts, accessories, diagnosis and services within Europe.

Hella (disambiguation)

Hella is a slang term meaning "very". It may also refer to:

Hella (musician)

Henna-Riikka Paakkola (born 2 January 1985, Finland) is a Finnish keyboardist and singer. She is best known by her stage name Hella and is the current keyboardist of Finnish metal band Lordi. Hella uses Korg keyboards. She claims to be a big melodic metal fan, and her favorite bands include Behemoth and Children of Bodom. In January 2014, Hella recorded a song with a Finnish band called Postikortteja Helvetistä.

In early 2015, Hella announced that she was pregnant. The band's guitarist, Amen, later confirmed that Hella would be replaced for the summer festivals. In summer 2015, Hella's temporary replacement, Nalle, was seen for the first time at Rovaniemi.

Usage examples of "hella".

But what annoys me with Hella is that she invariablydenies it when she is in love with anyone.

Eddie Cassin watched Hella take one sip from her Coke and then open the suitcases to put her clothes away in a great mahogany dresser.

That will really be splendid and Hella says that I happened upon it in a lucid interval.

It would be glorious, if only Hella is allowed to come, for her grandmother imagines that the sore throat she had before Christmas was due to the tobogganing on the Anninger, where the sole was torn off her shoe!