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Helio (wireless carrier)

Helio, Inc. (stylized as HΞLIO) a current mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) using Sprint's network that offered wireless voice, messaging and data products and services to customers in the continental United States beginning on May 2, 2006. Originally a 50/50 joint venture founded in January, 2005 between South Korean wireless operator SK Telecom and American Internet services provider EarthLink, early losses caused EarthLink to stop providing additional funding in fall of 2007. SK Telecom provided the required additional funding to sustain Helio, which was re-organized as Helio LLC, and by January 2008, SK Telecom had assumed an increased ownership stake and with it, operational control of the joint venture. Although SK Telecom publicly pledged to support Helio, SK Telecom entered into talks to sell the company to rival MVNO Virgin Mobile USA. Virgin Mobile USA closed the acquisition of Helio and its 170,000 subscribers on August 22, 2008. Virgin Mobile USA exited the postpaid wireless business and retired the Helio brand on May 25, 2010.

The Helio brand was resurrected by Ubi Telecom in July 2015. Helio's new $29 per month rate plan offers unlimited talk, text and data but at capped data speeds of 128kbit/s.


Hélio may refer to:

  • Hélio Gracie (1913–2009), a founder of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Hélio Castroneves (born 1975), Brazilian auto racing driver
  • Hélio (footballer) (born 1986), Brazil-born Hong Kong footballer
Hélio (footballer)

Hélio José de Souza Gonçalves (born 31 January 1986), commonly known as Hélio , is a Brazil-born Hong Kong professional football player who plays as a centre back for Hong Kong club Kitchee.

Hélio acquired his HKSAR passport on 31 October 2015, which means he is eligible for representing Hong Kong at international level.

Helio (Cambridge Glass)

Helio (Cambridge Glass) is a type of glassware produced by Cambridge Glass beginning in 1923. The color of Helio has been described as part of the purple family and has been compared to the color lavender. It also falls into the category of opaque glass, however the color changes depending on the light source. The variation of purple does vary between pieces but the color is consistent within the piece itself.

It is believed that Helio was only produced for a short time because it is not mentioned in trade journals after 1924.

Usage examples of "helio".

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To return Prometheus and Dionysus, Solomon and Boadicea, to return the pagan glory of the planets to our streets, to reforge our links with day and night, summer and winter, to bring back the sunlight of Helios and the moonglow of Diana into London lives.

And Helios rose in her eyes, That were full as the dew-balls bright, Relucent to him as dews Unshaded.

Rhode, Rhodes A vague figure in late Greek mythology, she was the daughter of the sea queen Amphitrite and goddess of the island named for her, Rhodes-a place also sacred to her mate the sun-god Helios.

Polydeuces and Castor pray to the immortal gods first to grant a path through the Ausonian sea where they should find Circe, daughter of Perse and Helios.

Warchild 2 The Siege g8 Antimatter 3 Bloodletter 9 Proud Helios Star Trek: Voyager 1 Caretaker POCKET BOOKS The sale of this book without its cover is unauthorized.

Rapp began training in earnest, eventually spending several months in Brazil learning Gracie Jujitsu from the grand master himself, Helio Gracie.

Helios has gotten the jump on everyone else in suboceanic exploration and development.

No super-duper faster-than-light space drive for us hardnosed types --so we got some pretty special effects of Helios zooming by stars at near-light speed.

And here, if thou hast heard at all of the seed of Helios, thou dost behold Augeias.

  At ten-thirty Sergeant Helios reported that all the deadheads had been returned to their homes.

At ten-thirty Sergeant Helios reported that all the deadheads had been returned to their homes.

 There  was  another  son  by  blood,  a legitimate  heir  to  the  Cooper  fortunes,  and  that  seemed  to  leave  Shoat  to  take  on more hazardous duties such as escorting scientists to places at the remote  edges of the Helios empire.

There was no sign of Helios in the barren system, and no place for it to hide, either, with only a couple of rockballs and three gas giants orbiting a nondescript orange star- there wasn't even an asteroid belt to hide the perturbations of a cloaking device.

My first lover on Helios Station, a young particle physicist named Thom, proved overweening in his affections.