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Helin is a lake which lies in the municipalities of Vestre Slidre and Vang in Oppland county, Norway. The lake is regulated for power production by Åbjøra kraftverk.

Helin has an area of 9,47 km² and its circumference is 27.17 km. It is located at 870 m above the sea, and has a volume of 18.6 million m³. In 1930 a 35 km² area between Helin and the Syndin lakes to the east was recognized as a botanical plant national park.

Category:Lakes of Oppland

Helin (disambiguation)

Helin is a lake in Norway.

Helin may also refer to:

  • Helin (surname)
  • Helin, Poland, a village in Poland
  • Helin, an historic name for Karakorum and Kharkhorin, Mongolia
Helin (surname)

Helin is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Charles Helin, American inventor
  • Anne Helin, Finnish ice hockey player
  • Bill Helin, Canadian artist
  • Calvin Helin, Canadian writer
  • Eleanor F. Helin, American astronomer
  • Johann Hélin, alternative spelling of Johann Heynlin (c. 1425–1496), a German born French scholar
  • Mika Helin (born 1978), Finnish footballer

Pekka Helin, architect who designed Pikkuparlamentti

    • Sofia Helin (born 1972), Swedish actress
  • Toomas Helin (born 1966), Estonian drug smuggler
  • Topi Helin (born 1978), Finnish Thaiboxer
  • Ville Helin, author of Wzonka-Lad