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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Helical \Hel"i*cal\, a. [From Helix.] Of or pertaining to, or in the form of, a helix; spiral; as, a helical staircase; a helical spring. -- Hel"i*cal*ly, adv.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"spiral-shaped," 1590s, from Latin helicem (see helix) + -al (1).


a. in the shape of a helix


adj. in the shape of a coil [syn: coiling, spiral, spiraling, volute, voluted, whorled, turbinate]

Usage examples of "helical".

He was one of a group of biochemists and genetics people who founded Helical Systems.

I mean it was clear Helical was having major problems well before the takeover was finalized.

In fact, there were even suggestions that Helical had been deliberately talking up their progress so that they could get more money for the company.

But you see, well, the original Helical team, not just Novak, they moved on very quickly after the company was sold.

Helen had said that all the Helical Systems people had left very quickly after the company was sold.

It was Scott Griffen, one of the few Helical people he was still in touch with.

Helen was a Stern employee, had known that what she wanted was to get to the bottom of the Omega rumors, to find out if Stern really had been fucked over by Helical five years ago.

When Stern bought Helical Systems, they bought the rights to all its R and D work as well.

Nor did it prove possible to establish the source of the money Novak had obtained upon his departure from Helical Systems in 1992.

Snowflakes were falling on top of this bright helical pattern, but then disappearing, as if they were somehow instantly vaporized.

He carefully watched several individual snowflakes descend until they reached the top of the helical pattern, at which point they abruptly disappeared.

In the center of the large chamber was a paii of intertwining helical slides, also white, each of which had a broad red band running down the center of the slide.

The vehicles were rectangular, flatbedded with low restraining sides, white with red markings, and mounted on sliding wheels that traveled on the side rails of the helical slides.

The ribbon, as if on cue, moved over to the bottom of one of the helical slides.

Their helical sheets were veined in green and orange, concealing pockets and crevices packed with creatures who clicked and chattered and whistled, calling from the coiling complexity of the parent tree.