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n. (context obsolete English) A warrior; hero; man.

Usage examples of "heleth".

Gont Port, doing the business of the lords and people, never a chance to walk in the forests on the mountainside or to come sit with Heleth in the little house at Re Albi and listen and be still.

He let his sending sit down in the grass near Heleth, though it did not bend the stems of the grass where it stepped or sat.

Though he was talkative, for a wizard, Heleth was silent as a stone about some things.

There were no chicks, and no sign of the cock, the King, Heleth had called him.

These books were very ancient, Ogion having them from his own master Heleth Farseer, and Heleth from his master the Mage of Perregal, and so back into the times of myth.