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Hélder (footballer)

Hélder Marino Rodrigues Cristóvão (born 21 March 1971), known simply as Hélder as a player, is a former Portuguese footballer who played as a central defender, and the current manager of S.L. Benfica B.

He amassed Primeira Liga totals of 197 games and 16 goals during eight seasons, mostly with Benfica. He also competed professionally in Spain, England, France and Greece, representing mainly Deportivo.

Hélder appeared for Portugal at Euro 1996. In 2009 he started working as a manager, going on to spend several years with Benfica's reserves.


Hélder is a given name in Portuguese. The unrelated German-Jewish surname "Helder" is also given the accent in Portuguese, such as the Portuguese poet Herberto Hélder (1930-).

The name is sometimes confused with Heitor. People named Hélder include:

  • Hélder Barbosa (1987-), Portuguese footballer
  • Hélder Cabral (1984-), Portuguese footballer
  • Hélder Cristóvão (1971-), Angola-born Portuguese footballer, often just called Hélder
  • Hélder Costa (1939-), Portuguese dramatist, formerly exiled in Paris
  • Hélder Costa (footballer) (1994-), Angola-born Portuguese footballer
  • Hélder Muianga (1976-), Mozambican football player
  • Hélder Esteves (1977-), Portuguese football striker
  • Helder Francisco Malauene , Mozambican politician
  • Hélder Macedo (1935), Portuguese literary scholar and writer
  • Hélder Fragueiro Antunes, a Portugues-American executive
  • Hélder Prista Monteiro (1922-1994), Portuguese absurdist playwright
  • Hélder Graça Neto (1982-), Angolan footballer
  • Hélder Postiga (1982-), Portuguese footballer
  • Hélder Lima Queiroz (21st century), Brazilian zoologist
  • Hélder Rosário (1980-), Portuguese footballer
  • Hélder Maurílio (born 1988), Brazilian footballer
Helder (disambiguation)

Helder often refers to Den Helder, a municipality and a city in the Netherlands.

People with the family name Helder:
  • Anne-Marie Helder (21st century), British singer-songwriter
  • Glenn Helder (born 1968), Dutch footballer
  • Luke Helder (born 1981), American bomber
  • John Helder Wedge (1793–1872), Tasmanian politician
  • "Helder" (comics), a short comics story by Chester Brown

Usage examples of "helder".

In a quarter of an hour he was entering the house in the Rue du Helder.

The same day during the interview between Madame Danglars and the procureur, a travelling-carriage entered the Rue du Helder, passed through the gateway of No.

He wrote them to the Cafe Americain, to Bignon's, to Tortoni's, to the Maison Doree, to the Cafe Riche, to the Helder, to the Cafe Anglais, to the Napolitain, everywhere, everywhere.