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In her right hand, vpon that side which shee did sitte, shee helde a payre of winges, and in the other hand, vppon that side whereon she was arysing, a Tortice.

Which yoong woman reuerently bowing to the earth with her right knee, reseruing the other still vp, whereuppon shee helde this couer of coorrall, which also besides the flowers, had vppon the pointes and toppes of other twigges or sprouts curiously infixed monstrous great pearle.

The subiect vessell appearing thorough the same of Hiacinth so round and polished, as any wheele can send foorth: except, vnder the leaues there was a substaunce left, which helde the foliature to the vessell of Hiacinth, passing ouer and separated from the subiect.

She helde hir right hand ouer an ancient vessell, in maner of a chafing-dish, called Chytropodus, sending foorth a flame of fire, into the which shee did cast roses and flowers, and in the other hand she held a branch of sweete myrtle, full of berries.

For to telle of this teuelyng of this trwe kny3te3, Hit is the tytelet token and tyxt of her werkke3, How ledes for her lele luf hor lyue3 han auntered, Endured for her drury dulful stounde3, And after wenged with her walour and voyded her care, And bro3t blysse into boure with bountees hor awen-- And 3e ar knyyght comlokest kyd of your elde, Your worde and your worchip walke3 ayquere, And I haf seten by yourself here sere twyes, Yghet herde I neuer of your hed helde no worde3 That euer longed to luf, lasse ne more.