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Rabbi Helbo was an amora who flourished about the end of the 3rd century, and who is frequently mentioned in both Talmuds. It seems that Ḥelbo was at first in Babylon, where he studied under Rav Huna, the head of the Academy of Sura, and that, like the other Babylonian amoraim, he was called "Rab" ( Ned. 40a). Later he settled in Palestine, where he was ordained rabbi.

He is mentioned as having spoken in the names of Abdima of Ḥaifa ( Yer. Ber. iv. 4) and of Ḥama b. 'Uḳba (Yer. Meg. ii. 3). In Palestine he consulted on halakic matters R. Isaac Nappaḥa ( Giṭ. 60a) and R. Samuel b. Naḥmani ( B. B. 123a).