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Heise is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bob Heise (born 1947), American Major League Baseball player
  • David R. Heise (born 1937), American sociologist
  • Geoff Heise, American actor
  • Heinz Heise, German publishing house (including Heise Online)
  • Peter Arnold Heise (1830–1879), Danish composer (Drot og marsk, "King and Marshal")
  • William Heise, American film director, 1896 The Kiss

Usage examples of "heise".

At which I unhesitatingly placed Armstrong of La Salle in the same column with Heise of Cook.

I at once placed Cummins in the column of honor with Heise and Armstrong, and calmly awaited further instructions.

The name of Heise of Cook was immediately stricken from the head of the list.