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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Heirship \Heir"ship\, n. The state, character, or privileges of an heir; right of inheriting.

Heirship movables, certain kinds of movables which the heir is entitled to take, besides the heritable estate. [Scot.]


n. The status of being heir to something or someone

Usage examples of "heirship".

The coincidence of the double reference to the same thing, however, namely, an alleged heirship, struck him as peculiar.

He is of responsible years, and not likely to succeed to the heirship of Serrais.

His grandfather a water-drinker, his father dying early, present circumstances to us arguing predestination to an illustrious heirship and career.

We will ride for Thendara tomorrow, and when the heirship is settled, then we will ride here for your wedding again.

Kadiya also put aside her heirship, for there were secrets in the swamplands which called to her, and she knew in her heart that crown and throne were not for her.

You have broken your trust and robbed me of the woman because, did I marry her, her son might thrust you from your heirship, whereas, if you marry her, you keep it, as you think, and add to it whatever claims this princess may have on the throne of Egypt.

Then we quarrelled, more through my fault than yours, for in those days my heart was hard, and you went your way to become a priest of some pure and gentle faith, and your heirship was given to another.

Takarka, for he had only recently come to the heirship of that westernmost land of the Empire, and that upon the death of a distant cousin.

When Teidez had been born, his heirship to his new-wed half brother Orico had been much less apparent.

Light of Heaven himself could await that was more honorable than heirship of the Acoma?

This pregnancy wore at her, impatient as she was to be done with it, and to have the question of heirship resolved.

Women of the Aillard and Elhalyn lines had the right to seats in Comyn Council and possessed this title in their own right, the Aillard Domain heirship passing in the female line.

And like to lose another, for even I can see that Darren is more fit for the Tower or the monastery of Nevarsin, than for the Heirship to Falconsward.

Had Paft’s death resulted in some inter-clan quarrel over the heirship and the other clans withdrawn to let the various contendents for that honor fight it out?