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Heino (born 13 December 1938 as Heinz Georg Kramm) is a German singer of popular music ( Schlager) and traditional Volksmusik. Having sold a total of over 50 million records, he is one of the most successful German musicians of all time

Known for his baritone voice and trademark combination of light blond hair and dark sunglasses (which he wears due to exophthalmos), Heino resides in the town of Bad Münstereifel, where he owned a cafe until June 2012. His interest in music started when his mother gave him an accordion in 1948, although his family could barely afford it.

Heino (disambiguation)

Heino (born 1938) is a German schlager and volksmusik music singer.

Heino may also refer to:

  • Heino (given name)
  • Heino (surname)
  • Heino, Netherlands, a village in the province of Overijssel in the Netherlands
  • Heino railway station, a railway station in the village of Heino in the Netherlands
  • Heino murders, a Finnish double murder case in 2001 involving teenagers who killed a businessman and his wife
Heino (given name)

Heino is a masculine given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Heino (born 1938), German schlager and volksmusik music singer
  • Heino Dissing (1912–1990), Danish cyclist and Olympic competitor
  • Heino Eller (1887–1970), Estonian composer and composition teacher
  • Heino Enden (born 1959), Estonian professional basketball power forward
  • Heino Ferch (born 1963), German film and television actor
  • Heino Finkelmann (born 1945), German chemist and professor
  • Heino Heinrich Graf von Flemming (1632–1706), German Field Marshal and Governor of Berlin
  • Heino Hankewitz (born 1954), Estonian-born German social manager
  • Heino Hansen (born 1947), Danish football player and Olympic competitor
  • Heino von Heimburg (1889–1945), German Vice Admiral of the Kriegsmarine and U-boat commander during WWI
  • Heino Holm (born 1979), Danish handballer
  • Heino Kaski (1885–1957), Finnish composer and pianist
  • Heino Kuhn (born 1984), South African cricketer
  • Heino Kruus (1926–2012), Estonian basketball player and Olympic competitor
  • Heino Kurvet (born 1946), Estonian sprint canoeist and Olympic medalist
  • Heino Lipp (1922–2006), Estonian decathlete
  • Heino Meyer-Bahlburg (born ????), German-born American psychologist
  • Heino Pulli (born 1938), Finnish ice hockey player
  • Heino Puuste (born 1955), Estonian javelin thrower and Olympic competitor
  • Heino von Rantzau (1894–1946), German Generalleutnant in the Luftwaffe during World War II
  • Heino Schmieden (1835-1913), German architect
  • Heino Senekal (born 1975), Namibian rugby player
  • Heino Thielemann (born 1923), German field hockey player and Olympic competitor

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Heino (surname)

Heino is a Finnish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Henri Heino (born 1986), Finnish ice hockey forward
  • Lauri Heino (1918–2001), Finnish military sergeant
  • Otto and Vivika Heino, American ceramic artists
  • Pekka Heino (television presenter) (born 1961), Finnish-Swedish television presenter
  • Pekka Heino (singer) (born 1976), Finnish singer (Brother Firetribe)
  • Viljo Heino (1914–1998), Finnish track and field athlete and Olympic competitor