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Heine is a German family name. The name comes from " Heinrich" (English: Henry) or the Hebrew " Chayyim" (life).

Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Heine (1867–1949), German stage and film actor
  • Alice Heine (1858–1925), princess of Monaco
  • Bernhard Heine (1800–1846), inventor of the osteotome
  • Bill Heine, British radio presenter
  • Cariba Heine (born 1988), Australian actress
  • Carl Wilhelm Heine (1838–1877), surgeon
  • Eduard Heine (1821–1881), mathematician
  • Gustav Heine von Geldern, (1812–1886), Austrian publicist
  • Gustav Otto Ludolf Heine, (1868–1959) piano business owner/automobile builder
  • Harry Heine (1928–2004), Canadian maritime and landscape painter
  • Heinrich Heine (1797–1856), German poet
  • Helme Heine (born 1941), German children's book author
  • Jakob Heine, (1800–1879), detector of infantile paralysis
  • Johann Georg Heine (1771–1838), orthopaedist and doctor
  • Jutta Heine (born 1940), German athlete
  • Uwe Heine (born 1957), microbiologist
  • Hans Gunther Ziegfried Heine, WWII veteran
  • Karl Heine (1819–1888), German lawyer and entrepreneur
  • Pete Heine (born 1928), Louisiana politician
  • Volker Heine (born 1930), New Zealand-British physicist
  • Wilhelm Heine (1827–1885), painter and captain in the American Civil War
  • William C. Heine (1911–1991), Canadian author and newspaper editor
Heine (crater)

Heine is a crater on Mercury. It has a diameter of 75 kilometers. Its name was adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 1979. Heine is named for the German poet Heinrich Heine, who lived from 1797 to 1856.

Usage examples of "heine".

Jo showed the telegram to Heine Schultz when she went to the corrals this morning.

The girl led the way into the stable, and Heine Schultz, temporary wrangler, showed Hiram ten immense black horses, not one of them under sixteen hundred pounds.

Hiram went to work immediately, with a briskness that caused Heine to wink at Jo, he threw on the heavy harness and led forth the big-footed teams.

Keddie, like Heine Schultz and Tom Gulick, had been on the railroad grade with Pickhandle Modock when Jo was a little girl.

California saddle, and then leaned over and spoke to Blink Keddie and Heine Schultz, busy at harnessing the teams.

Again Heine Schultz rested his bony elbows on the carpeted counter of the shooting gallery, and spoke to Lucy, who this time was alone.

An hour afterward Drummond met Heine on the street and handed him a sealed envelope.

Two miles out of town next morning Heine took out his pocketknife and slit the envelope covering the note that Drummond had given him to be delivered to Jerkline Jo.

The broad details of the situation had been explained to Colonel Heine by the German chancellor himself.

Paris a few months before, Heine had been in command of a detachment of border police sent to prevent civilian Germans who were sympathetic to the Nazis in France from swarming across the Rhine into the neighboring country.

The same group, it was explained to Colonel Heine, was now threatening to destabilize the government of unified Germany.

Colonel Heine might find himself a lone patriot battling this new neo-Nazi menace.

For, if it became necessary, Colonel Friedrich Heine would not hesitate to shoot his own men if their loyalties swayed.

Colonel Heine examined Remo with the same suspicious eyes he had been using earlier on the trees of the Black Forest.

At the nadir of the first screeching circle, Colonel Heine saw the rapidly approaching shape of the nearest trailing truck.