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Heike may refer to:

  • Heike (given name), a feminine given name, derived from the male name Henry
  • Taira clan, sometimes referred to as "Heike"
  • Heike crab, a species of crab named after the Taira (Heike) clan
  • Heike Ondo, a Japanese folk song
  • Heike Shamisen, a Japanese musical instrument
  • The Tale of the Heike, an epic account of clan struggle
Heike (given name)

Heike is a given name of Germanic origin, most commonly but not exclusively female. The male form is Heiko. Notable persons with this name include:

  • Heike Blaßneck (born 1971), German hurdler
  • Heike Balck (born 1970), German high jumper
  • Heike Dähne (born 1961), German swimmer
  • Heike Drechsler (born 1964), German track and field athlete
  • Heike Faber (born 1965), German television actress
  • Heike Fischer (born 1982), German diver
  • Heike Friedrich (born 1970), German freestyle swimmer
  • Heike Henkel (born 1964), German former athlete
  • Heike Hennig (born 1966), German choreographer and director
  • Heike Kamerlingh Onnes (1853–1926), Dutch physicist
  • Heike Kemmer (born 1962), German equestrian gold medalist
  • Heike Koerner (born 1973), Mexican backstroke swimmer
  • Heike Langhans (born 1988), Vocalist of metal band Draconian
  • Heike Langguth (born 1979), German vice-champion in Muay Thai
  • Heike Lätzsch (born 1973), German field hockey striker
  • Heike Lehmann (born 1962), German volleyball
  • Heike Makatsch (born 1971), German actress
  • Heike Meißner (born 1970), German athlete
  • Heike Popel, East German luger
  • Heike Rabenow is an East German sprint canoer
  • Heike Schwaller (born 1968), German-Swiss
  • Heike Schulte-Mattler (born 1958), German athlete
  • Heike Tischler (born 1964), German heptathlete
  • Heike Warnicke (born 1966), German speed skater
  • Heike Wezel (born 1968), German cross country skier
  • Heike Wilms-Kegel (born 1952), physician