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interj. An exclamation designed to call attention, give encouragement, etc.

Usage examples of "heigh".

Diaphenia like the daffadowndilly, White as the sun, fair as the lily, Heigh ho, how do I love thee!

The Gods do fear whenas they glow, And I do tremble when I think, Heigh ho, would she were mine!

The Gods do fear whenas they glow, And I do tremble when I think Heigh ho, would she were mine!

Lucifer At Lucifer, though he an aungel were, And nat a man, at hym wol I biginne, For though Fortune may noon aungel dere, From heigh degree yet fel he for his synne Doun into helle, where he yet is inne.

For thogh they yeve us al hir heritage, For which we clayme to been of heigh parage, Yet may they nat biquethe for no thyng To noon of us hir vertuous lyvyng, That made hem gentil men ycalled be, And bad us folwen hem in swich degree.

From heigh estaat Fortune awey hym carf, Of this tragedie it oghte ynough suffise.

Thow mayde and mooder, doghter of thy sone, Thow welle of mercy, synful soules cure, In whom that God for bountee chees to wone, Thow humble and heigh, over every creature Thow nobledest so ferforth oure nature, That no desdeyn the makere hadde of kynde, His sone in blood and flessh to clothe and wynde, Withinne the cloistre blisful of thy sydis Took mannes shape the eterneel love and pees, That of the tryne compas lord and gyde is, Whom erthe and see and hevene out of relees Ay heryen, and thou, virgine wemmelees, Baar of thy body, and dweltest mayden pure, The creatour of every creature.

Ther nys no difference trewely Bitwixe a wyf that is of heigh degree- If of hire body dishoneste she bee- And a povre wenche, oother than this, If it so be they werke bothe amys, But that the gentile in hire estaat above, She shal be cleped his lady as in love, And for that oother is a povre womman, She shal be cleped his wenche, or his lemman.

Thou seist to me, it is a greet meschief To wedde a povre womman, for costage, And if she be riche and of heigh parage, Thanne seistow it is a tormentrie To soffren hir pride and hir malencolie.

And often with hir freendes walketh she Hir to disporte, upon the bank an heigh, Where as she many a ship and barge seigh Seillynge hir cours, where as hem liste go.

Hadde nevere worldly man so heigh degree As Adam, til he, for mysgovernaunce, Was dryven out of hys hye prosperitee To labour, and to helle, and to meschaunce.

The road to the east leads tae the rigs and the corries of the Churrachan, the sykie risks, the heigh gowan banks, and the foggie braes.

And then we' re off, heigh ho for the wild blue yonder, the misty sea of the north pole, where no Santa Claus, but somebody who's given us gifts that make Saint Nick look like the world's worst tightwad, lives!