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Heibao (company)

Heibao (黑豹汽车; officially Shandong HIPO Group Co., Ltd.) is a Chinese automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Weihai.

Zhonghang Heibao Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Heibao, is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


Heibao may refer to:

  • Heibao (band), or Black Panther, a seminal Chinese rock band founded in 1987
  • Heibao (Black Panther album), 1992 debut album of the band Heibao
  • Heibao (company), a Chinese automotive manufacturing company based in Weihai, Shandong
Heibao (Black Panther album)

Heibao (Chinese: 黑豹) is the 1992 self-titled debut album of the Chinese rock group Heibao (Black Panther).

The best known song on the album is the group's first major hit, the 1992 song "No Place to Hide" (无地自容 Wudi zirong), which is as emblematic for the band as " Yi Wu Suo You" is for Cui Jian.