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vb. (lb en dialectal) (alternative form of heard English)

Usage examples of "heerd".

I never seed or heerd tell of a country that had so many natural privileges as this.

With that all the gentlemen set up a laugh, you might have heerd away down to Sandy Hook, and the Gineral gig-gobbled like a great turkey-cock--the half nigger, half alligator-like looking villain as he is.

Sure enough he did die that very fall, and he was the only instance I ever heerd tell of a broken heart.

That very bridge we heerd of at Windsor is owned in New Brunswick, and will pay toll to that province.

He looked a mighty rough customer and when he heerd our music he slowed up and looked us over.

You say you haint heerd a strain of music except a base viol for over 14 years before you come here.

He too had heerd the fearful word and his princeples too wuz rousted up.

I heerd to-day thet Neece won a hundred dollars at faro the afternoon before he rode out of town.

Our folks will insure all creation for half nothin', but I never heerd tell of a country being insured agin rich men.

He too had heerd the fearful word and his princeples too wuz rousted up.

Josiah Allen, I've heerd you talk time and agin aginst big feelin' folks, and here you be a talkin' it right to yourself, and callin' yourself the first man of the day.

It's no wonder your country don't prosper, for who ever heerd of a blessin' on such carryins on as this?

Yassir, when I heerd from Miss Sally I done comed here to tek cyar ob her.

Arter I got the book off Eb I uster look at it a lot, especial when I'd heerd Passon Clark rant o' Sundays in his big wig.

Yas, I kno' yer brother— leastways hev seen him an' heerd heeps about him.