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n. 1 (plural of heel English) 2 High-heeled shoes.

Usage examples of "heels".

Realizin that DeVeer was not on his heels, he paused an beckoned urgently for him to follow.

He dropped his head and began digging with the heels of his hands at eyes that hadn't seen the danger.

You wish her to go forward, ease up all pressure on her mouth and press your heels, so," and his big hand took Ken's left heel and pressed it firmly, into Socks's ribs "and she will move forward.

With an agility that amazed him, Ken swung into the saddle and dug his heels into her ribs.

As soon as he saw the others were mounted, he dug his heels into the flanks and Tornado moved forward.

She slipped her feet into soft black boots, glad that the ridiculous fashion for high heels had once again died out.

She was squatting on her heels beside the number nine scrubber, with Hollister, looking at a thin line of greasy liquid that had trickled down the outer casing, when the ship lurched slightly as the Ssli-controlled drive computers dropped them out of FTL.

It was a well-grown colt of some seven months, and he would reach up to nip my legs or heels if he felt I was interfering with his feeding.

He clapped his heels to Tapper's sides, and the gray leaped forward, showing a burst of speed that surprised everyone.

On the heels of the thought that this was the first time she had been outside a shell in her life, came a terrifying surge of primitive fear and then .

Forister did not quite click his heels together as he executed a perfect bow in the direction of the titanium column.

He turned at the soft sound of the sliding door, jumped to his feet and brought his heels together with a military precision that Forister found almost annoying.

Patsy rose onto her toes and clicked her heels together a couple of times.

On the heels of the pressure wave came a rising wave of vibration through the hull.

Amos and Joseph were rocking back on their heels as if they'd been ready to spring.