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I good occasion ministred, to revenge the injury of my master, for as I passed by, I perceived the fingers of the young-man upon the side of the binne, and lifting up my heeles, I spurned off the flesh with the force of my hoofes, whereby he was compelled to cry out, and to throw downe the binne on the ground, and so the whoredome of the Bakers wife was knowne and revealed.

En ze hoort natuurlijk een heele boel slechts van me door mama en tante en de nichtjes.

Some standing vpon the left foote, others vpon the right in a streight sort, with their heads perpendicularly, euer the center betwixt their heeles, and some looking sidewaies in height, foure Cubites of sixe foote.

Pantoffles and Vailes, to bee carried about with the winde, and their vesselles neclected in the grasse, they ranne all awaye, and I after them, that I might well perceiue that they had neither crampes nor stringhawldes or leaden heeles, and thus continuing our pastimes a pretie space, being somewhat pleased that I had made them to runne.

In this manner the traiterous Cooke prepared himselfe to slay me : and when he was ready with his knives to doe his feat, I devised with my selfe how I might escape the present perill, and I did not long delay : for incontinently I brake the halter wherewith I was tied, and flinging my heeles hither and thither to save my selfe, at length I ran hastily into a Parlour, where the Master of the house was feasting with the Priests of the goddesse Syria, and disquieted all the company, throwing downe their meats and drinks from the table.

The boy that was my evill accuser made no delay, but prepared himselfe to execute the sentence of the shepheard, rejoycing at my present danger, but O how greatly did I then repent that the stripe which I gave him with my heele had not killed him.