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n. (alternative form of hield English) vb. (alternative form of hield English)

Usage examples of "heeld".

This Chauntecleer stood hye upon his toos, Strecchynge his nekke, and heeld hise eyen cloos, And gan to crowe loude for the nones, And daun Russell the fox stirte up atones, And by the gargat hente Chauntecleer, And on his bak toward the wode hym beer, For yet ne was ther no man that hym sewed.

The reule of Seint Maure, or of Seint Beneit, Bycause that it was old and somdel streit- This ilke Monk leet olde thynges pace, And heeld after the newe world the space.

For which anon duc Theseus leet crye, To stynten alle rancour and envye, The gree, as wel of o syde as of oother, And eyther syde ylik as ootheres brother, And yaf hem yiftes after hir degree, And fully heeld a feeste dayes three, And convoyed the kynges worthily Out of his toun a journee, largely.

And to the tree she gooth ful hastily, And on this faucoun looketh pitously, And heeld hir lappe abrood, for wel she wiste The faucoun moste fallen fro the twiste, Whan that it swowned next, for lakke of blood.