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n. An elementary school in which students are taught to read Hebrew texts.


Héder, also Hedrich, Heindrich and Henry (; died after 1164) was a German knight possibly from the Duchy of Carinthia, who, alongside his brother Wolfer, settled down in the Kingdom of Hungary and became a member of the Hungarian nobility. Héder was also co-founder of the powerful Héder clan and ancestor of the Hédervári family.

Usage examples of "heder".

Ivy over East window of old churches is the Hedera Helix of Bakchos, 483-m.

The urns atop the balustrades had been planted up with stocks, nasturtiums, geraniums and variegated hedera that trailed profusely.

After that, the talk turned to old campaigns and jobs undertaken, and Katla was surprised to find herself a little shocked that Mam, Dogo, and Joz had all fought at the Battle for Hedera Port, in which her own father had nearly lost his life, but on the enemy side.

You would perish from wave sickness before you even passed the harbor wall at Hedera Port.

He did not welcome a war: like Hedera, Cera had much to lose in any war with the north, as had proved to be the case time and time again down the centuries.

Shears the gardener is patrolling the faraway fences, checking that his Hedera helix is fanning out nicely against the latticework, for there have been too many nosy folk peering at the house lately.