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principal wife of Priam in the "Iliad," from Greek Hekabe, perhaps a variant of Hecate.


Hecuba (; also Hecabe, Hécube; Hekábē, ) was a queen in Greek mythology, the wife of King Priam of Troy during the Trojan War, with whom she had 19 children. These children included several major characters of Homer's Iliad such as the warriors Hector and Paris and the prophetess Cassandra.

Hecuba (play)

Hecuba (, Hekabē) is a tragedy by Euripides written c. 424 BC. It takes place after the Trojan War, but before the Greeks have departed Troy (roughly the same time as The Trojan Women, another play by Euripides). The central figure is Hecuba, wife of King Priam, formerly Queen of the now-fallen city. It depicts Hecuba's grief over the death of her daughter Polyxena, and the revenge she takes for the murder of her youngest son Polydorus.

Hecuba (band)

Hecuba is a band based in Los Angeles, California featuring performance artist, Isabelle Albuquerque and musician/designer Jon Beasley. They have toured with Devendra Banhart, Bat for Lashes and Rainbow Arabia. They have released two albums on Manimal Vinyl since their formation in 2006. Their second release, Paradise, has received favorable reviews from NME, Pitchfork Media, LA Weekly and XLR8R. They performed at the Los Angeles premier of Wild Combination: a film about Arthur Russell (musician) performing their versions of Russell's music. Their third album "Modern" was released in 2012 on the LA-based label Germ.

Hecuba (disambiguation)

Hecuba (also known as Hecabe) was the wife of Priam, king of Troy.

Hecuba may also refer to:

  • Hecuba (play), by Euripides.
  • Hamlet oder Hekuba: der Einbruch der Zeit in das Spiel, a 1956 essay by Carl Schmitt
  • Hécube, Op.177, a 1937 composition by Darius Milhaud
  • Hecuba, a character from the program Passions
  • Hecuba (band), from California
  • Morpho hecuba, a butterfly
  • Eurema hecabe, a butterfly
  • Heliconius hecuba, a butterfly of the genus Heliconius
  • 108 Hecuba, an asteroid
  • Hecuba, a peak in the Nilgiri mountains
  • USS Hecuba (AKS-12), a ship

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Hecuba, Laodice, Theano, and Andromache about your view of the near future.